Things You NEED to Know About Terralift

by Oct 3, 2017

Drainfield Restoration with Terralift

Does your septic leach field look like this even AFTER the rain has stopped?

Have you experienced any of these issues:

Wet or Soggy Yard?

Septic tank level consistently high and water comes back from the drain field even after it has been pumped down.

Wet spots or mushy area in septic drainfield that never seem to dry up.

Failed septic inspection for house sale or refinancing

System cannot handle the water output for laundry, showers and other household water usage.

TerraLift repairs saturated drainfields with ,drainfield restoration ,without disturbing the landscaping.

At a fraction of the cost of replacing your septic drainlines, TerraLift (or Terra-Lift) is an effective alternative to instantly improve the drainage on and around your septic drainlines.

Terralift is a state approved technological breakthrough in drainfield restoration. It solves a number of soil problems, including:



Improper drainage

The technology of TerraLift allows complete aeration of the septic drain field without disturbing your lawn or other landscaping. The Terra-lift procedure will revitalize your septic drain field in a day or less. Lentz Wastewater Management uses a 6 ft. narrow probe to penetrate the soil around the septic trenches. Once in the ground, it does several things at once: it sends a blast of compressed air into the soil creating new cracks and fissures for liquids to pass through. While the ground is still newly fractured, it sends very tiny polystyrene beads into the new new fractures to keep the new fissures permanently open after the ground settles. These beads are an essential key to the longevity of this process. Because air tends to follow the path of least resistance, both the air and the pellets will move horizontally and vertically upward through the soil.

Does TerraLift work? Read these testimonials from Terralift International:

Terralift International Testimonials

What is the Lentz Wastewater difference?

As with any business, price is going to be somewhat different from one company to another. So, why would you pay more (or less) for this service? Lentz Wastewater Management operates on the foundation of “Do it Right the First Time” so that you don’t have to go back later to fix it. When it comes to the TerraLift machine – Jarrid Lentz believes that the more air fissures that are blown into the soil and filled with polystyrene beads, the more effective the system will operate in the future. The TerraLift machine blows fissures more than 8′ away from the initial blast, and in order to get the most efficient coverage, Jarrid marks the location for each blast at 6-8′ apart, and on BOTH sides of each septic drain line.Watch the video of Lentz Wastewater Management’s new TerraLift in action here. Terralift demonstration

Before Terralifting, the septic tank is overflowing and the septic drainfield is saturated

Septic tank after being Terra-lifted.

Our Terra-Lift- Drainfield Restoration & Septic Repair Areas in NC Include:

Statesville | Mooresville | Hickory | Catawba | Charlotte | Taylorsville | Wilkesboro | Huntersville | Cornelius | Mocksville | Davidson | Denver, NC| Sherrills Ford | Terrell

…And other locations within a 50 mile radius of Statesville, NC


  1. Patrick

    Will you come to Lewisville
    NC? Ball park on cost of Terra-Lift drain field service. Single family home. We do foster care. We may have 4 to six family members. Have noticed damp spots. Have had tank overflow in back yard. Had tank pumped, was ok till rain came. Filled up tho top then drained off again.

    • Jeanie Lentz

      Yes, we cover a 60 mile radius of Statesville. We sent you and email to get more information about your system. Looking forward to talking with you

  2. Lewis

    Need an estimate

  3. Steve Harris

    I live in Lexington NC we are having issues with our septic system do you come out this far. If you do we would like to get an estimate.

  4. Donna

    How long will terralift extend the life of a septic system?


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