Does Terralift Work?

by Feb 26, 2018

Does Terralift Work?

If you are facing the headaches and hassles of problems with your septic system, you are probably worried that you are about to be dealing with costly and difficult repairs. Perhaps you already envision your yard being scraped away and drain lines being replaced or repaired. Maybe you fear you need to have an entirely new system installed? Before you go any further, take a few moments to learn about the more viable alternative, like Terralift.

What Is Terralift?

Created in the late 1990s, it is an innovative system that is specifically used for those who have septic problems created by soil compaction around drain lines or septic fields; heavier clay soils; and is ideal for those with lawn or landscaping they do not want to lose.

It works by reducing, actually eliminating, any compaction within the septic drain fields, and does this by creating fissures in the soil. Think of them as deep veins full of air that force the soil particles apart, no matter how wet or compacted they have become. It is this compaction that is so often the cause of difficult to diagnose problems in a septic system.

What Causes Septic Trouble?

Any septic operates using two main components – the tank and the septic drain fields. The tank is where everything flushed or emptied down the drains in the home ends up. There, it separates into solids that sink to the floor of the tank, fats that rise to the surface and watery fluids that sit between the layers. These are what drain or “leach” out into the septic drain lines and then the septic drain fields.

Naturally, the soil around the lines and in the fields has to be able to accept fluids. If the soils are too dense, clay-like or compacted, the water is eventually forced to the surface and is pushed back into the septic tank.  Here, it eventually starts to pool upward towards the surface, and that is when you notice the watery soil and foul odors. And by then, the problems could be pretty severe.

Just consider; you might have contacted septic experts because your toilets drain slowly or take several flushes to eliminate the waste materials. The washing machine or drains are struggling to empty. There could be standing water or muddy soil in the yard where your septic drain fields are located. You might think that your septic tank just needs to be pumped or that a line inside of the house has become clogged, yet with those repairs, the problems persist.

This means that it is probably the drain field, and typically, that means repairing the problematic drain lines  (perhaps replacing drain lines) and starting from scratch. As you can imagine, the cost is exorbitant. In fact, it runs into the thousands and involves getting permits, digging up the yard and even removing landscaping if it is in the way of machines.

An Optimal Solution

That is why the Terralift solution is so much more appealing. It is a minimally invasive approach that pumps in those airy fissures and then further ensures that no future problems occur by blasting in tiny, polystyrene beads. Think of this material as something similar to the tiny beads that explode out of a burst bean bag chair, and you have a good idea as to the texture and general appearance of the polystyrene beads, though they are more durable and long lasting.

A good septic rejuvenation service will use the maximum amount of beads recommended by Terralift International, as this is the only way to guarantee that the fissures or passages remain open for the longest period of time possible. These beads are what help to prevent the repeat pattern of soil compaction causing septic system problems. Supporting the fissures, the beads allow rapid draining to begin and within a very short period of time, the septic system should be behaving as it was before those signs of trouble began.

It is interesting to know that the machinery used in Terralift procedures relies on probes that penetrate around three to six feet into the soil (and which are spaced roughly six feet apart), where the septic drain fields are located. The air actually creates pathways all of the way back up to the surface as well as outward and around the probes.

The end result is something known as an aerobic environment, which means your soil is improved at the same time the septic is restored and the drain fields rejuvenated. Grass and flowers are likely to grow better in this area as it creates a far better environment in general.

Does Terralift Really Work?

If that explanation doesn’t help to explain just how reliable the Terralift approach to septic repair is, it is probably beneficial for you to know that the procedure has a 95% success rate, and this is true when it is used in domestic or residential properties as well as in commercial properties and even construction sites and athletic fields.

It can often be finished in a single day, meaning that you don’t have to hand over your property to heavy, loud and messy machines that dig up the entire septic drain fill and then replace it with new fill and soil. Instead, a few small holes are the only sign that something was done, and even more surprising is that the surface of the soil shows very little sign of change.


The Benefits of Terralift

So, if you are struggling with septic problems and you worry that you are facing the unpleasant process of an entirely new system, consult with your septic expert to learn if Terralift is an option. The benefits of this approach are just too great to overlook. Let’s quickly review them to be sure you understand just why it is an optimal choice:

It costs much less than having an entirely new septic system or new drain fields installed. Not only that, but it means no excavation, no costly components and parts and no expensive hours of labor.

It is almost sure to be a success. With its high success rate (95%) it is as close to a sure solution as you can get and is used by residential and commercial property owners equally

It is fast and effective. You can often have the entire job done in a single working day. The Terralift professional arrives with the specialized machinery, measures out the appropriate spots for the probes and then pumps in the air and polystyrene beads. Then, your septic system should get back on track almost immediately.

You keep your yard, flowers and even smaller trees if they are not jeopardizing the health of the septic fields. The soil is actually in better shape than ever because of the aeration and aerobic rejuvenation that Terralift provides. And remember, it is not just a surface fix. It goes down deep – up to six feet – and yet the yard looks exactly the same, or better.

The septic is restored quickly – You don’t have to replace the leach fields, the septic drain lines, the tank or anything else and the system should be entirely back to normal within 24 hours of completing the job. For the best results, you will want to give the system that brief window of time to start to rebalance and drain properly.

There will, naturally, be no more standing water, foul odors or muddy conditions. Any pooling will be alleviated by the veins forced into the compacted soil. You keep your landscaping, lawn or flowers, and the all-new avenues for waste water to drain will operate for years and years to come.

Find Out If Terralift Is For You

Do you think that you might have an issue that Terralift can fix? If so, you should know that not all septic providers are trained or equipped to do it. Before you worry that the problems you are having with your septic means it has to be replaced entirely, learn if Terralift is an answer for you. Repairing any septic drain field can mean any number of possible solutions, and rejuvenation may be the best answer.

Yet, you must always consult with experienced professionals offering septic system repair, septic tank repair and septic system installation as well as drain line and drain field repair, drain field addition and relocating.  If they also offer Terralift and drain field rejuvenation and restoration, you are sure to find the ideal solutions to your needs as it is the perfect remedy to major system issues due to compaction, poor soil and more.

At Lentz Wastewater Management, Inc., you can work with a family owned and operated firm with decades of experience in the industry and a sterling reputation for installations and repairs. They have the machinery and more than 20 years of experience using Terralift for clients with septic drain field issues. Get in touch to discover if this is the right answer for your needs.


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  3. John Darling

    As the retired owner of my own septic pumping and repair service with with over 45 years of experience, many of which included Terralift service, many of my customers told me this procedure was the best money they spent in their lives. The Terralift owners told me buying a book titled “How I turned crap into a million dollar+ retirement fund–like I did” which included a lot of info regarding Terralifting was the best money they ever spent in their life. This process can legally be used anywhere legally if you know how to apply any restrictions which have been adopted regarding this machine.


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