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Did you know Houses built before 1970 typically installed septic tanks constructed of manmade cinder block..

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It is important to properly remove or abandon un-used septic tanks to avoid very serious safety hazards including…

Sanitary Tee / Filter

Your septic tank is an important part of your septic system, but your Sanitary Tees — Baffles & Effluent Filters play a very…

Riser / Lid

Septic Tank Risers and Lids or Covers are designed to replace existing concrete, fiberglass, or metal septic tank covers.

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Drain fields and drain lines area also referred to as leach fields / leach lines and soil absorption fields.

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Gravity System

Septic tank installation is one of the many services offered by Lentz Wastewater Management.As the name implies, gravity

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Chambers-Infiltrator® chambers are hollow structures that attach end-to-end. They are installed in trenches or beds

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Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures, commonly used in rural areas without centralized sewer

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Septic effluent pumps are used to move clarified septic effluent out of a the septic tank to the drainfield in systems

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Septic and Sewer effluent pumps work hard to move wastewater to an alternate tank or absorption field. Typically pump

Floats / Switches / Control Box

If your septic system uses a pump to remove wastewater from the tank to a drain field, your system will have a septic tank alarm

Drainfield Solutions

Drainfield Rejuvenation Terralift

Do you have a saturated drain field? Terralift could be the solution for you. Do you have smelly,


It is important to properly remove or abandon un-used septic tanks to avoid very serious safety hazards including, caving in,

Addition / Upgrade

Drain fields are also known as leach fields or soil absorption field. Drain lines are also referred to as Leach lines.


Replacing a drain field requires a permit from your local environmental health department. Please see Permit Information

Septic Tank Risers and Lids in Statesville, Mooresville and surrounding areas

Septic Tank Risers and Lids or Covers are designed to replace existing concrete, fiberglass, or metal septic tank covers. Septic Risers are designed to bring a below grade opening of a septic tank up to or above grade. Risers are often missing from standard septic tanks, particularly older models. Typically, risers are 8 to 24 inches in diameter.  Lentz Wastewater offers septic tank riser installation services. 


The length of the septic riser depends on how far below the ground your septic tank is positioned. A secure lid covers the opening of the riser. Because it extends directly from the surface of the lawn to the septic tank, the septic tank riser makes accessing the septic tank for pumping, other maintenance, and inspection much easier, allowing you or a professional technician to avoid searching for the septic tank and digging a hole in your lawn.


Do I Need a Septic Tank Riser? 

Installing septic tank risers are a highly recommended addition to your septic system. The septic tank riser will make maintaining and monitoring your septic system much easier and more convenient. North Carolina requires that approved septic tank risers be installed on any new system or upgraded septic system. 


Your septic system is one of the most expensive mechanical features of your property. It is also one of the least monitored and least understood systems that you own. Without septic tank risers your system is “out of sight and out of mind.” 

Advantages of Septic Tank Risers 

  • Modern septic tank risers and covers are much more attractive and blend with the surroundings. 

  • Lightweight septic lid makes accessing the septic tank easy.  The modern covers weigh less than 10 pounds making servicing your tank much easier.  The old style concrete septic tank riser rings weigh hundreds of pounds. The concrete covers also weigh 60 – 80 lbs. Because of the weight, many people are discouraged from removing the cover and doing an inspection. Modern plastic septic tank riser rings typically weigh less than 30 pounds. 

  • Another advantage of septic tank riser is that they are much easier to seal surface water from entering the tank.  Old fashion concrete riser rings do not incorporate a gasket. Therefore surface water can easily flow between the joint between the tank and the riser ring and the cover and riser ring. Modern risers have a waterproof seal between the septic tank and the base flange. They also have a durable closed cell foam gasket to seal the joint between the riser ring and the cover. 

  • Modern riser covers are secured with threaded fasteners to prevent small children from curiously tampering with the cover and avoid the risk of falling into the septic tank.


Are you fed up with having to dig up your yard every time you need your septic tank pumped out or serviced? Do you hate having to handle extremely heavy concrete lids?

Sounds like you are in need of septic tank risers to bring your access to ground level with a lightweight easy to remove access cover! Our septic tank risers and covers are made from high quality, heavy duty polyethylene plastic which makes them very strong and durable while also allowing them to be lightweight and easy to handle.  Common septic riser manufacturers used by Lentz Wastewater include Polylok  and Tuf Tite

Damaged Septic Tank Cover?

When you drive over your septic tank, which is NEVER recommended, you can damage the cover or lid.  Lentz Wastewater replaced broken, damaged or missing septic riser covers

Having an issue that requires your septic tank to be pumped? Get in touch with Lentz Septic.


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