Septic System Drain Line Addition, Relocation & Upgrade

Drain Field Solutions

Septic System Drain Line Addition, Relocation & Upgrade in Mooresville, Statesville and surrounding areas.

Drain fields are also known as leach fields or soil absorption field.  Drain lines are also referred to as Leach lines. 

The Septic Permit for your house, which lays out your septic system, is approved for a certain number of bedrooms.  Sometimes during the process of selling a house, it is discovered that the permit does not match the house.  Your agent will most likely recommend and addition to your drain field or leach field.  

This process requires a permit from your local environmental health.  CLICK HERE for applications, fees and contact information.

Lentz Wastewater offers professional and affordable drain field or leach field replacement and upgrade/addition services that include drain line re-piping, drain field expansion, drain field lengthening, drain field replacement, and more.