Perc Test Pits

In the Stateville, Mooresville & surrounding areas since 2000

Statesville & Mooresville NC Perc Test Pits

If you’re building a new house and the county has informed you that you need to have perc test pits dug out, contact the experts at Lentz Wastewater Management. We will work hand in hand with the county inspector so they can determine if your soil is suitable for septic system drainlines.

Test Requirements in Iredell County

Many counties in our great state require special inspections on the soil to see if it can support septic system drainlines. Here in Iredell County, Lentz Wastewater Management will meet with the county inspector and dig the required perc test pits on your behalf. This takes the pressure off you to dig the pits for yourself, and properly dug pits will allow the county inspector to perform the required inspections quickly and properly.

What is a Perc Test Pit?

Sometimes called a soil test pit or a deep hole test pit, a perc test pit is a 5-7 foot hole that is dug in and around the area where your septic system’s drain field will be located. Once the hole has been dug, water will be poured into it. The inspector will then measure the rate of absorption (how quickly the soil absorbs the water).

How is the Inspection Performed?

The process is fairly simple. When the time comes to have your soil tested, you need to book an appointment with the county inspector and Lentz Wastewater Management. We will meet the inspector at your property, dig the holes they request, and they can then complete their inspection. It’s just that simple.

Call the Experts at Lentz Wastewater Management

If you need a trustworthy, local business to come out and help you with digging you’re perc test pits, give Lentz Wastewater Management a call. We’ve been in this line of work for more than 20 years and we’re committed to providing the best wastewater management services in Iredell county. Contact us today!