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Leach Line Mapping & Tracing

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Septic Tank Replacement

Did you know Houses built before 1970 typically installed septic tanks constructed of manmade cinder block..

Excavation Services

It is important to properly remove or abandon un-used septic tanks to avoid very serious safety hazards including…

Sanitary Tee / Filter

Your septic tank is an important part of your septic system, but your Sanitary Tees — Baffles & Effluent Filters play a very…

Riser / Lid

Septic Tank Risers and Lids or Covers are designed to replace existing concrete, fiberglass, or metal septic tank covers.

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Drain fields and drain lines area also referred to as leach fields / leach lines and soil absorption fields.

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Septic tank installation is one of the many services offered by Lentz Wastewater Management.As the name implies, gravity

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Chambers-Infiltrator® chambers are hollow structures that attach end-to-end. They are installed in trenches or beds

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Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures, commonly used in rural areas without centralized sewer

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Septic effluent pumps are used to move clarified septic effluent out of a the septic tank to the drainfield in systems

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Septic and Sewer effluent pumps work hard to move wastewater to an alternate tank or absorption field. Typically pump

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If your septic system uses a pump to remove wastewater from the tank to a drain field, your system will have a septic tank alarm

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Drainfield Rejuvenation Terralift

Do you have a saturated drain field? Terralift could be the solution for you. Do you have smelly,


It is important to properly remove or abandon un-used septic tanks to avoid very serious safety hazards including, caving in,

Addition / Upgrade

Drain fields are also known as leach fields or soil absorption field. Drain lines are also referred to as Leach lines.


Replacing a drain field requires a permit from your local environmental health department. Please see Permit Information

Leach Line Mapping and Tracing Statesville & Mooresville NC

If you need your property’s leach line mapped or traced, you’ve come to the right place. The professionals at Lentz Wastewater Management have several years of experience in this field and are ready to help you move forward with your next project. Call us today to learn more about our process and to schedule an appointment with one of our talented technicians.

Common reasons why our customers ask us to map/trace their leach or drain lines:

  •       Expanding their system – if you plan to expand your property’s current wastewater management system, you’ll need a clear map of what’s currently there.
  •       Replacing their drain lines – if you need to replace your system’s drain lines, we can provide you with a clear map that will make replacing the drainlines infinitely easier. The Environmental Health Department will ask you to have their current septic system marked in order to complete this new permit and we can help you with that as well!
  •       Installing a pool – if you are installing a pool on your property, above or inground, it’s essential to understand where your wastewater management system’s leach lines are.
  •       Constructing a fence – just like installing a pool, if you’ll be constructing a fence on your property, you’ll also need to know exactly where your leach lines are. This will save you time and money in the long run.
  •       Home/Business additions – if you plan to add-on to your home or business, you’ll certainly need to know where your wastewater management system’s leach lines are. This will help ensure you don’t make costly errors in the construction process.

When you contact Lentz Wastewater Management to map or trace your drain lines, we will ensure the job is done right, the first time. We’ll come out to your property and use a special probe to locate the tank, the drainlines, and if applicable the distribution box. Once these items are located, we’ll mark/flag everything and physically map out your system on a map, with accurate measurements.

Whether you’re a property owner who needs this service, or a pumper or inspector who needs help locating the tank for pumping/inspection purposes, we can help.

Contact the experts at Lentz Wastewater Management today! We’re ready to help you with all your wastewater management needs. From drain line mapping and tracing, to septic repair and installations, and even to custom drainfield solutions, Lentz is the premier wastewater management company in the Statesville, Mooresville, and Huntersville areas. Contact us today to book your leach line mapping/tracing appointment!

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