Certified Subsurface Wastewater Operator (CSWO)

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Certified Subsurface Wastewater Operator Inspections – Iredell County, Statesville and Surrounding North Carolina

As a homeowner, you may already know that some wastewater treatment systems require routine maintenance and inspections. Although type IV wastewater treatment systems are the most common, other systems may require routine maintenance and inspections as well.

In Iredell county, the following systems are required, by law, to have routine inspections performed:

  •       ATUs – aerobic treatment units
  •       Peat, sand, or textile biofolters
  •       Deep irrigation systems
  •       Any LPP (low pressure pipe systems) post 1992

*In other counties in North Carolina, the systems requiring inspection and the details of the inspection may be different. For this article, we will just be speaking about Iredell County. However, our CSWO’s work all over North Carolina. Call for more information.


How Often Does My System Need to be Inspected?

The overwhelming majority of systems require maintenance and inspections 2 times each year (every 6 months), though it solely depends on the system. Results of your system’s inspections must be sent to the county every year, and these reports must detail any issues that are found, such as water surfacing and other common issues.


Maintenance and Inspection Contracts

Lentz Wastewater Management’s clients can sign a yearly contract with us that includes CSWO (Certified Subsurface Wastewater Operator) inspections and maintenance for a year, and we will take care of reporting our findings to the county. We charge $400 per year for these services and you will have the option to renew once the current year’s contract is nearing completion.


What to Expect From Your Inspection

When one of our technicians arrives at your property for your inspection, they will complete your assessment by following a thorough, highly detailed checklist. This helps us ensure your system is thoroughly and properly inspected and it gives our clients peace knowing they are abiding by state and county mandates. We will provide you with a copy of each report and ensure the inspection results are sent into the county in a timely fashion. Keep in mind – failing to have your system properly maintained and inspected can cause you to be fined by the county and it can eventually lead to costly repairs.

For example, when Type IV systems (PPBPS manufactured by T&J Panels) are not maintained properly, the lines can become completely clogged. When lines are not flushed on a regular basis, the solid particles get clogged in the pipe and between the pipe and concrete panel. Depending on the extent of damage, homeowners sometimes have to replace their entire drain field. However, an inspection would catch this. During the 6 month inspection visit, all drain lines are flushed and the proper pressure on each line is set. That’s why this type of inspection is so important, beyond just being a county requirement.


Ready For Your Inspection?

Call upon Lentz Wastewater Management for all your Certified Subsurface Wastewater Operator inspection needs. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years and are accustomed to working with the county to ensure we properly inspect and report on these systems. Call us today to learn more about our inspection services and to sign a contract with our family-run company.