Septic Tank Repair, Installation, Replacement Huntersville NC

Septic Tank Repairs, Installation, & Replacement

Lentz Wastewater Management is the premier septic tank repair company in Huntersville, NC. Whether you need to have your sept tank serviced, need a new septic system altogether or are interested in our Terralift technology, you can trust the services offered by Lentz.

We’ve been serving the area for a long time. Three generations of Lentz’ have worked in our family-owned and operated company and we’ve become Huntersville’s most trusted partner for addressing residents’ wastewater needs. Our years of experience helps us continually deliver professional and prompt wastewater services to our clients.

Huntersville Jobs We’ve Done

Wondering where our customers are in Huntersville? Check out our map to see the jobs we’ve completed! And you can also check out our full map of jobs all over North Carolina here as well!


Septic Tank Repairs

Your friends at Lentz Wastewater Management perform septic tank repairs for Huntersville residents. We can also access old septic tank systems, assess their viability, and replace them with newer tanks that are much more efficient. Here are just some of the septic repair/maintenance services we provide:


Drain Line Maintenance and Repairs

The technicians at Lentz Wastewater Management can perform maintenance on and repair your drain lines. The most common reasons why drain lines become damaged is due to tree roots, a lack of maintenance (not pumping regularly), oversaturation (due to your faucet or toilet leaking or excessive use of water), or they become damaged when heavy machinery is driven over them.


Riser Installation for Accessibility

Septic tanks are often missing risers, which we can install for you. Installing risers is one of the best things you can do to make your tank much more accessible, which in turn, makes performing maintenance easier and keeps service providers from having to dig up your yard to locate your tank. Unlike year’s past, current risers are infinitely more discrete and attractive.


Monitoring Effluent Filters and Sanitary Tees

When we perform our Huntersville septic repairs, we’ll also make sure your effluent filter and sanitary tee are in their proper place. These crucial septic system components play a key role in making sure solids don’t enter the system’s drain field, which may turn in to a costly issue. Effluent filters and sanitary tees are more than just a requirement by the State of North Carolina, they also help prevent clogs and extend the overall life of your entire system.

No matter what the cause is, Lentz Wastewater Management has the skills, resources, and tools needed to properly and safely repair your septic system. Our professional service technicians always focus on three things: performing repairs to code, boosting your system’s lifespan, and keeping your costs low. If needed, we can manage issues with root intrusion, replace your lines, and install additional lines as well.



Septic Tank Installation Huntersville NC

We’ve provided wastewater management services in Huntersville for a while. We are accustomed to installing and replacing a wide variety of septic systems to our area’s residents. Whether you’re interested in a pressure manifold system, conventional gravity system, low pressure system, or conventional pump system, Lentz Wastewater Management can help.


Advice You Can Trust

When you contact us, we can provide you with thorough information about your options and help you decide which system is best for your needs and will align with city environmental health requirements.


Expertly-Trained Technicians

We have the training, skills, and experience needed to work with different materials in your drain field: T&J panels, pipes, gravel, and chambers. In addition, we are fully licensed and able to install alternative septic systems, if that’s the route you wish to take.


Our Most Popular Systems

Our most common septic tank installations in Huntersville are chamber systems, which don’t require pipes or sand, reduce line lengths up to 25%, and use recycled materials. T&J panel systems, on the other hand, are ideal for small spaces and also reduce line lengths up to 50%.

Contact Lentz Wastewater Management services today and let us help you decide which septic system is right for your home.



Terralift Services

Saturated drain fields are no fun for any homeowner to deal with. When drain fields become saturated, they produce a slimy, smelly puddle around septic tanks and one of the best ways to deal with this issue is to utilize our Huntersville Terralift services.

Terralift doesn’t require heavy machinery or digging in your yard; meaning this cost-effective solution will not interfere with your landscaping or yard in any way. This patented technology effectively solves issues with compaction, drainage, and saturation and will restore your soil.

If you’ve been thinking you need to replace your system’s drain lines, contact Lentz Wastewater Management to learn more about our Terralift services. The Terralift process is long-lasting, less expensive than replacing your drain lines, and delivers immediate results.



Your Septic Professionals

The professionals at Lentz Wastewater Management delivers complete septic system services. In addition to the services listed above, we can also help you with your pump alarms, replacing your pumps, repairing your system, choosing drain line replacements or additions, and septic excavations.


No Hidden Fees

We will always provide you with a clear, detailed estimate. And, what you see on the estimate is what you will pay – we never have hidden fees.


Quality Service

We’ve provided Huntersville residents with first-rate septic services for more than twenty years and are dedicated to delivering quality services at a reasonable price. If, after using our services, you face any sort of issue, we are more than happy to come back out and resolve the problem. Keep in mind, if you install a new septic tank, we will also provide a warranty on our workmanship and parts.

No matter if you need to repair your septic system, need a new system altogether, or aren’t quite sure exactly what you need, Lentz Wastewater Management can help. Contact us by calling (980) 319-1592!