Septic Pump Alarm Service

Septic Pump Maintenance & Replacement

Septic Pump Alarm Service in Statesville, Mooresville and surrounding areas.

Septic effluent pumps are used to move clarified septic effluent out of a the septic tank to the drainfield in systems where a gravity system is unable to be used.

Septic effluent pumps do not have to move solids, but are built to standards of durability and are more demanding than a typical sump pump used to remove ground water from a building.

Typical examples of applications where septic effluent pumps are used  are in septic systems in which the absorption bed is located higher than the septic tank. In these installations septic effluent is pumped from a final chamber in the septic tank or from a second effluent chamber up to the absorption system.

What should I do when my septic tank pump alarm goes off?

#1. DONT PANIC- you have time to react. The alarm is notifying you that the water level in the tank is getting too high., due to the pump not working. The alarm is triggered by a float in the tank. The purpose of the float is to flip when the water level continues to rise which will sound the alarm.

#2. Silence the alarm, so you do not go insane

#3.  Stop water usage…. no laundry, dishwashing, showers, toilet flushing until   

#3. Check your breaker box. The problem could be a tripped breaker or tripped GFI.  If the breaker is tripped- flip the breaker. If the pump turns on again then the alarm should stay off and your pump should be functioning correctly. If they alarm sounds again- Call Lentz Wastewater.

#4. Reduce/limit your water usage until you find a solution

What is causing my septic alarm to go off?

There are many reasons why a submersible pump may stop working, such as:

  • Power failure

  • Breaker trips  / GFI tripped

  • Pump gets unplugged

  • Pump wears out

  • Wires get cut/electrical problem

  • Float stop working/malfunctioning

  • Shut off switch is flipped to the off position

Regardless of the reason for failure, a septic alarm needs to be addressed. Septic waste can back up into your house and can damage your drainfield, if alarms are ignored.

Lentz Wastewater repairs/replaces inefficient pumps.  We only uses Goulds Pumps

for new installation, and septic pump replacement.  There is a difference, and we only

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