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Chamber Septic System – Gravelless Septic System

25 % Reduction Septic System

Chambers-Infiltrator® chambers are hollow structures that attach end-to-end. They are installed in trenches or beds without gravel (except where local codes require the use of gravel). The entire bottom of the trench is open for unobstructed infiltration of water. The large storage volume within the hollow chambers accommodates peak flows of effluent from the home. Infiltrator chambers also feature patented sidewall louvers that allow lateral leaching of effluent into the soil.  Can be installed in tight, sloped and curved areas creating less site disruption. The chambers swivel 15 degrees, right and left

Infiltrator Chambers are engineered for performance and strength, they allow for flexibility and have a smaller footprint- which allows for a 25% reduction.  Infiltrator chambers are manufactured from recycled materials.  Chambers can be traffic rated and support loads of 16,000 lbs/axel. 

Infiltrator manufactures different sizes of chambers for different applications depending on your job site and requirements. A common size is The Infiltrator Quick 4 which is 22” wide and will fit in 22” wide trench.  They can be installed in a straight line or in curved trenches up to 15 degrees.  Chambers do not require sand, pipe or gravel. 

Lentz Wastewater Management has been a certified septic installer since 2000.

Infiltrator Chamber System