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Septic Tank Repair & Installation Mooresville NC

Septic Tank Repair & Installation

Lentz Wastewater Management is your local septic company for comprehensive wastewater services in Mooresville, North Carolina. We’re a family-owned and operated business offering septic tank repair, installation, and replacement services.

For three generations, the Lentz family has been a trusted partner in helping North Carolina residents address their wastewater needs. Our prompt and professional services come backed by decades of experience.

Here’s what we offer our clients in Mooresville for their septic needs.


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Where have we served customers in Mooresville? See for yourself! Click on the map! And these are just the jobs from the last year and a half!

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Septic Tank Repair

Lentz Wastewater Management replaces old/damaged/deteriorated septic tanks and abandons unused tanks. We can also access dated septic tanks that may be difficult to reach. We often see homes built before 1970 with septic tanks made of materials that have begun to deteriorate—we help our clients replace these tanks with newer, more efficient technology.

Our Mooresville septic tank repair services also ensure your sanitary tee and effluent filter are in place. These essential components of a septic system help prevent solids from entering your drain field, which can lead to costly problems.

Sanitary tees and effluent filters aren’t only required by state code in North Carolina, but extend the lifespan of your septic and prevent the need for excavating to find and unclog a system.

We also install risers, which are often missing from septic tanks. Risers make septic access and maintenance much easier and eliminate the need to dig holes to search for the tank. Don’t worry, modern risers are much more attractive and discreet than old risers (think heavy concrete lids).

Lentz Wastewater Management also offers repair for your drain lines. Drain lines can be damaged from tree roots, oversaturation( such as excessive water use, leaky faucets/toilets), poor maintenance (failure to pump on a regular schedule), and abuse such as from driving over the tank in your yard.

We have the expertise and resources to safely and properly repair drain lines. Our professionals perform all repairs to code and keep costs low while maximizing the lifespan of your septic. For repairs, we can install additional drain lines as needed, replace existing lines, and correct root intrusion issues.


Septic Tank Installation

Lentz Wastewater Management has been a certified septic installer in Mooresville for a long time. We install all types of new septic systems, including conventional gravity, conventional pump systems, pressure manifold systems, and low pressure systems.  Various materials are used in the drain field including: chambers, T & J panels, pipe and gravel and more. Lentz Wastewater is also licensed to install alternative septic systems. Many factors are used to determine the type of system suitable for your project and will be determined by your local environmental health department.

Need a new septic system but don’t know where to start? Our decades of experience in the industry can help determine which system will be the best for you based on the unique needs of your home.

Chamber septic systems are made from recycled materials and allow for a 25 percent reduction and don’t require sand or pipe. T & J panel systems were designed for space that’s too small for a conventional septic system and allow for a 50 percent reduction on line lengths.

Let our friendly septic professionals walk you through your next septic tank installation in Mooresville!


Terralift Services Mooresville

Do you have a stinky, slimy puddle around your septic tank? You could have a saturated drain field, and our terralift services can help.

If you’ve been told you need a septic drain field repair or new drain lines, a terralift with Lentz Wastewater Management could be the solution. Terralift is designed to reduce compaction around septic drain fields without damaging your yard. Terralift technology provides immediate, long-lasting results. Best of all, the cost is significantly lower than replacing septic drain lines.

While excavating and installing new lines is expensive, terralift is cost-effective and won’t interfere with landscaping or disturb your yard, as it doesn’t require digging or heavy equipment. Its patented technology in soil restoration can solve compaction, saturation, and improper drainage issues.

If you need to replace drain lines at your home in Mooresville, ask us about our terralift service, which is backed by our seasoned craftsmanship.


Your Septic Professionals

Lentz Wastewater Management provides comprehensive septic system services, including assisting with septic pump alarms, pump replacements, parts repairs, and drain line additions and replacements. Many of our jobs involve septic excavation and so, of course, we provide this service as well.

We’ve delivered professional septic services to the Mooresville area for twenty years and strive for perfection. If any issue occurs after we complete the job, we always come back and ensure the problem is solved to your satisfaction.

We also provide detailed estimates—with Lentz Wastewater Management, the quoted price is what you pay, no hidden fees. We also offer a warranty on parts and workmanship on new septic tank installations.

Whether you need a new septic system, a septic repair, or aren’t sure what you need, let us help you figure it out. Our family is honored to help your family in Mooresville with all your wastewater management needs. Call us today at (980) 319-1592 or click here to submit a request.

Having an issue that requires your septic tank to be pumped? Get in touch with Lentz Septic.


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