Drain Line Repair

Repair/Replacement Services

Drain Line Repair in Statesville, Mooresville and Surrounding Areas

Drain fields and drain lines area also referred to as leach fields / leach lines and soil absorption fields.  

A common drain field problem that requires a repair is due to roots from nearby trees entering the drain field.  

Tree roots not only damage drain field lines but can also crack septic tanks. It’s important to know where every component of your septic system is located on your property. Allowing vehicles to drive over or park on your drain field is also a common cause of damage.

Drain Field Repair

Whether your property relies on rock and pipe drain lines, plastic Infiltrator systems, or other types, we have the expertise and resources to properly and safely repair them. We perform all drain field repairs to code, and make every effort to keep our costs low while aiming to maximize the life of your septic system. Our septic system drain field repair services may involve installing additional drain lines,  replacing existing drain lines, re-piping (or de-rooting) drain lines, and/or correcting root intrusion issues. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your drain field system, we will work with you and your local environmental health department to identify the best solution for your home’s septic output and discuss any future expansion plans you may have.

Lentz Wastewater uses an excavator to remove sections of the drain field that have been choked out by roots.  These sections can be replaced to allow for flow of effluent back into the drain field.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting septic drain lines can be an  alternative to repairing a failing septic system. Hydro-jetting is done by using high-pressure water inserted into the leach field to clear obstructions.  A licensed septic contractor typically performs this service. 

Is Hydrojetting Effective?

The main line  from the septic  tank to the drain field often becomes clogged. The clog prevents the effluent from getting to the drain field.  When this happens you will experience back ups into the tank and eventually septic back up in the house. Hydro jetting can clear the clog and avoid back ups.

How Much Does Hydrojetting Cost?

Hydro-jetting costs depend on a variety of factors.  Contact your septic contractor, Lentz Wastewater for more information on the cost of hydro-jetting for your system.