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Septic Installations

Septic Installation Statesville, Mooresville and Surrounding Counties

T&J Panel System – LPP Panel Block System

50% Reduction Septic System

Septic Installation is one of the many services offered by Lentz Wastewater Management. T & J Panels are one type of installation. The Panel System was created primarily because of insufficient space for conventional systems.  The system allows for installation of a septic  system where it wouldn’t be possible otherwise, due to required absorption field area.   The T & J Panel offers a 50% reduction on total line lengths in the state of North Carolina, meaning the area needed to install the septic system is 50% less than other systems.   Lentz Wastewater Management has been a certified septic installer since 2000.  We complete a septic installation right, the first time.  

The Panel System is considered when: 
  • a quality effluent may be needed

  •  space is limited, 

  • usable soil is limited, or 

  • some future time space may be needed for other development. 

The Panel System can be installed as either gravity, pump to gravity, pump to pressure manifold, or low pressure pipe distribution. The biggest difference between the Panel and other systems is the area needed and the quality of effluent being introduced into the ground.

Advantages of Panel Septic System: 
  • Requires 50% less area than conventional system.  

    • Conventional Requires 5400 sq ft

    • T & J Panel System requires2400 sq ft

  • Uniform distribution of the effluent. Discharged closer to the ground surface

  • Elimination of localized overloading.

  • Works with 2-4 feet of pressure head.

  • Dosing and resting cycles

  • Placing of the effluent into the sidewall near the surface, where the more porous soils are found.

  • The aerobic action of the T&J Panel’s design.

  • The filtration of the effluent through the T&J Panel System and its sand backfill.

  • Each panel works as an individual unit

  • Panels may be grouped

  • Requires smaller area on install

  • Similar to conventional system

  • Drain field lines can be services or inspected through the lids

The key to any septic system that will last years and years is proper septic installation and maintenance.