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How a Septic System Works

 +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  Septic Tank Wastewater from all plumbing fixtures drains runs out of your house into the septic tank, part of your septic system. Waste that leaves your house ends up in your...

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Does Terralift Work?

 +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  Does Terralift Work? If you are facing the headaches and hassles of problems with your septic system, you are probably worried that you are about to be dealing with costly and...

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Things You NEED to Know About Terralift

 +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com Drainfield Restoration with Terralift Does your septic leach field look like this even AFTER the rain has stopped?Have you experienced any of these issues: Wet or Soggy Yard?...

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Septic Drain field Repair

 +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com SEPTIC DRAIN FIELD REPAIR SERVICES Septic drain field repair is often avoidable when the proper precautions are taken. Visit Septic Maintenance for more information on how to...

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Sanitary Tee & Filter Replacement

  +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com     +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com   Signs of Trouble With Septic Sanitary Tank Tees and Filters Odors around the drainfield might be due to loss of the septic sanitary teein the septic...

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