Excavation Services

repair/replacement services

Septic Tank Excavation Services in Statesville, Mooresville and surrounding area 

The majority of septic repair and replacement services offered by Lentz Wastewater involve excavating. 

Septic Tank Removal / Abandonment

It is important to properly remove or abandon un-used septic tanks to avoid very serious safety hazards including, caving in, falling in or collapsing. 

When a septic system is abandoned the following will need to occur: 

  •  The tank will need to be pumped by a septic pumping company. 

  • Crush existing tank and fill the old tank hole using compacted soil, concrete or other approved materials

  • Compact soil to avoid settlement

  • Document the location of the filled in septic tank for any future building projects. 

Pipe Replacement

The cost to repair or replace septic pipe varies based on many factors such as; length of pipe, size of pipe, and surrounding obstacles.  If any pipe in your septic or sewer system needs replaced, Lentz Wastewater will take care of you.  

Access To Deep Septic Tanks

Older septic tanks are often buried well below ground level making it difficulty to access for maintenance and pumping. Pumping companies are unable to access the tanks by hand and therefore need an excavator to dig out the tank.  Lentz Wastewater can access your tank for routine maintenance and pumping.  Consider installing a riser on tanks that are difficult to access by hand.