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Sanitary Tees & Effluent Filters

by Sep 12, 2017


Your septic tank is an important part of your septic system, but your Sanitary Tees & Effluent Filters play a very important role — in fact, missing tees and clogged filters can cause serious damage to your system.

So what is a sanitary tee? It is a device which helps the flow of wastewater in and out of your septic tank. They can be made of clay, concrete, or PVC pipe.

The Inlet Tee

The inlet tee directs the flow of wastewater into your septic tank, and prevents the scum layer in the tank from being disturbed. It also can help prevent solids from backing up toward the house if you should experience a septic system backup.

In most cases a missing inlet tee doesn’t affect the overall workability of the system, but it is extremely helpful to be there.

The Outlet Tee

The outlet tee is a required part of your septic system, and is very important. It must be present for your system to function properly.

The outlet tee directs the flow of effluent from the tank to the drainfield; it prevents the scum layer from exiting straight into the outlet pipe and causing drainfield clogs and premature system failure.

Sanitary Tees are a relatively simple repair that can save homeowners a significant amount of money.


What is an effluent filter?

Septic Tank Effluent Filters filter solids down increasing the life of your septic. Effluent Filters are designed to extend the life of your drainfield by preventing solids from leaving the septic tank.

These filters operate efficiently for several years or more before requiring removal and cleaning. It is suggested that the unit be cleaned every time the tank is pumped or at least every three years.

Lentz Wastewater offers a variety of effluent filters for both residential and commercial applications.


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