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Septic System Drainline Replacement & Addition/Upgrades

by Oct 3, 2017

When septic systems require drainline replacement, it usually is the result of crushed lines, lines that are clogged beyond repair, saturated lines from an increase in home usage, accidentally severed lines (typically caused during home improvement projects), and lines damaged by root intrusion from nearby plants and trees.

Drainlines are an integral part of any septic system. Responsible for transporting liquid effluent from the septic tank to a drain field, lines in disrepair can lead to septic tank overflows, waste water back-ups, saturated drainfields, and significant health and safety issues. It is critical to address any drainline issues as soon as possible. To fix these problems,

Lentz Wastewater offers professional and affordable drainfield replacement and upgrade/addition services that include drainline re-piping, drainfield expansion, djainfield lengthening, drainfield replacement, and more.


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