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Septic Drain field Repair

by Oct 3, 2017


Septic drain field repair is often avoidable when the proper precautions are taken. Visit Septic Maintenance for more information on how to properly maintain your septic system to avoid costly repairs.

Septic System Drainfield Failures are often a result of failing to have your septic tank pumped often enough. It is recommended to have your septic tank pumped every 3-5 years. Failing to pump your tank allows solids(sludge), oils, fats and grease(scum) to continue to accumulate over time in the tank. Accumulated sludge and scum, over time, leaves little room for wastewater in the tank. This allows the sludge and scum to spill over into the drainfield. Often, by the time you notice signs of drainfield failure, the damage has already been done.

Sometimes, septic drainfields can still fail, even with proper maintenance. This is often due to improper or poor soil conditions.

Lentz Wastewater employees are excellent at finding and diagnosing septic drainfield problems. This is our specialty. We always provide the most cost effective option to homeowners.

Whether your property relies on rock and pipe drainines, plastic Infiltrator systems, or other types, we have the expertise and resources to properly and safely repair them. We perform all drainfield repairs to code, and make every effort to keep our costs low while aiming to maximize the life of your septic system. Our septic system drainfield repair services may include re-piping drainlines, and/or correcting root intrusion issues. Lentz Wastewater makes every effort to repair existing drainfields to avoid replacement costs.

Repairing your existing drainfield will not require a permit from the health department, however, if you need to replace or upgrade your drainfield system, the homeowner will need to obtain a permit from the local environmental health department. We will work with you and your local health department to identify the best solution for your home’s septic output and discuss any future expansion plans you may have.


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