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Septic Pumps

 +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com Septic Pump System Septic pump, sewage pumps and sump pumps….what are they? A septic pump is responsible for pumping blackwater (toilet waste) to a private septic tank and...

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Sanitary Tees & Effluent Filters

 +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com  +1 (980) 829-3278 office@lentzwastewater.com SANITARY TEE Your septic tank is an important part of your septic system, but your Sanitary Tees & Effluent Filters play a very important role — in fact, missing tees and...

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